UR Superior Fitness Now Includes Free Diet and Meal Prep With Purchase

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UR Superior Fitness Now Includes Free Diet And Meal Prep With Purchase

Diet And Meal Prep Are 98% Of The Battle

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(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 10, 2015 ) Salt Lake City, UT —UR Superior Fitness announces their Diet Plan and Meal Prep plan for their customers with their purchase of the UR Superior Fitness Exercise Ball and Resistance Bands.

“No matter what people’s weight, age, gender or goals are. This Diet Plan is geared towards everyone” CEO Byron Crosby states. Most diets that people have tried in the past are based on a broad range of weights, sizes, and categories that are NOT targeted for someone specifically.

“Everybody’s metabolism functions differently. That’s one more reason why it’s difficult for people to accomplish their goals using a (one size fits all) plan. Most everyone has started a program and noticed that they’re gaining weight instead of losing weight. Yikes Right? people are convinced that something isn’t right with the diet or maybe their just doing it wrong.” President Brian Linton of UR Superior Fitness states.

However, most folks are not educated on what lean mass is and that their body might be actually gaining muscle and losing fat – hence the increase in weight. Because people don’t fully understand this concept, a good number of people will stop following the diet or immediately jump to the next big thing.

“After trying this and trying that people end up with the same results over and over again and get burned out. UR Superior Fitness is going to change that with a specific Free Diet and Meal Prep Plan which includes 100 isolated exercise with their purchase of their UR Superior Fitness Ball with Resistance Bands say’s CEO Byron Crosby of UR Superior Fitness.”

UR Superior Fitness is going to educate their customer’s on the proper foods to eat, how much to eat, and how often to eat. They are going to teach their customers about basal metabolic rate (BMR), macros (macro nutrients) which is the proper amounts of protein, carbohydrates,fats and how to properly meal prep. UR Superior Fitness will help their troops (customers) adjust their diet every step along the way as their going through their transformation.

“The nice thing about this Diet and Meal Prep Plan is that it is specific to that person starting their journey. It gives people their time back and not to mention the amount of money they save on the next big thing. They will learn how to measure their body fat and adjust there macros as they progress.” CEO Byron Crosby stated.

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