Superior Fitness 600 lb Exercise / Yoga / Stability Ball with Heavy Duty Gym Quality Resistance Bands & Pump – Improve Balance, Core Strength, Back Pain & Posture – For Men & Women




  • ✔ Perfect For Everywhere – Whether at home or the office, this stability ball kit offers you the opportunity to get fit or rehab anywhere. Ideal for physical therapy as well, anywhere you need to burn fat while working your muscles and firming your core.
  • ✔ 65 CM Exercise Ball – Constructed with durable, anti-burst PVC, with a non-sticky finish. This yoga ball balance trainer won’t attract hair, dust, or other unwanted particles.
  • ✔ Resistance Bands – Our Balance ball and base comes with a set of resistance bands for the ultimate workout. The custom length of these bands allows for constant tension on your muscles making every workout count!
  • ✔ Stability Ring – Otherwise known as a balance ball holder, this ring keeps your ball from moving while you do your core exercises and balance training. Do your 100 isolations exercises without any fear of the exercise ball slipping away from you.
  • ✔ All The Extras – Comes with cushioned handles for exercise comfort, a yoga ball inflator or pump, strong safe metal hooks, and YouTube videos to help you get fit!

Meet Your New Home Gym
You get to be the first in line every time with your very own affordable home gym created with our exercise or yoga ball and base (stability ring). You’ll be able to do all of the strength, flexibility, balance, and endurances exercises you need to get fit, right in the comfort of your own home. You’ll even have access to YouTube videos that show you what to do and how to do it so that you can be the fittest version of yourself possible. With its non-sticky finish, you would have to worry about your exercise ball collecting bits of hair, dust, or other unwanted particles. Your home gym will stay clean and sanitary, unlike the away from home gym.

Safety First
Constructed with highly durable PVC, this exercise ball is designed to hold up to 600 pounds. Built to be anti-burst, you won’t ever have to worry about this ball breaking underneath you. Your safety is our first priority. Included in our balance ball set is a stability ring to hold the ball in place while you work out. Like a mini spotter, this stability ring keeps the ball from rolling away from you so that you can focus on your core workout with complete piece of mind.

Loads of Extras
Our exercise ball kit comes with loads of extras to extend your workout and keep you happy. Our resistance bands come with cushioned handles so you can exercise in comfort. Additionally, as you get stronger you’ll have the option to trade up on your resistance bands for more of a workout. Our kit comes with an inflator or pump to make inflation of the ball simple and easy. For such an affordable price, it’s time to treat yourself to your own home gym!


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