Newest Member to the Family

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UR Superior Fitness Introduces Their Newest Member To Their Family…

Kenny Akers aka The Celebrity Trainer!
UR Superior Fitness Introduces Their Newest Member To Their Family...
UR Superior Fitness Introduces Their Newest Member To Their Family...

Introducing Kenny Akers to the UR Superior Fitness Family

February 24, 2015 – Salt Lake City, UT (FANTASTIC) — Yup this just happened. Celebrity trainer Kenny Akers ( has just joined the UR Superior Fitness family. With Kenny Akers approach on training, it is a completely different experience then what the average trainee are used to.

Everyone has seen the Drill Sergeant / Trainer that actually gets a little spit and sweat on someone while he is yelling (training) them. Well trainees won’t hear that from this Big guy.

As a matter of fact Kenny Akers approach to training is through inspiration and motivation through powers greater than himself as he would say. The results are real and UR Superior Fitness is very grateful to have him.

UR Superior Fitness resistance equipment ( is just another tool that Kenny has in his arsenal for results and the other trainers are starting to follow in his footsteps.

Kenny comes from a very tough neighborhood. After he survived that he decided to join the US Navy where he overcame trials and tribulations that we could only see in movies. Well, he soared in the Military and became a highly decorated officer.

Now Kenny’s tool-bag is full and he takes that with him to the gym with a very powerful Mindset. Trainees can always find Kenny at the Dub Campus located in Salt Lake City.

If trainees live in Salt Lake City or not. Kenny Akers now can be reached through UR Superior Fitness to help with everyone’s health and fitness goals.

Congratulations to Kenny Akers on joining UR Superior Fitness and what an addition to the team.

When Kenny Akers was asked what is his goal. His reply “was to help as many troops as possible.”

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