Against All Odds

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Against All Odds

When Dr.s Told Bryan He Would Never Walk Again. Bryan Childress Took A Stand Literally.

Priority One… YOU!

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 05, 2015 ) Salt Lake City, UT — UR Superior Fitness Introduces their honorary member of the week Bryan Childress. Today is a very special day for UR Superior Fitness and their newest member to their family.

Byron Crosby, CEO of UR Superior Fitness received a message from a customer that would completely inspire him. “Talking back and forth with Mr. Childress of his trials and tribulations are only seen in movies as Byron said.”

Bryan at the age of 35 was the first adult in this part of the country to have SDR surgery, which is where they went into his spine and cut all the bad nerves allowing him to build muscle.

Soon after, the City took down the spa where Bryan Childress had to relearn how to walk again. Now it is a daily struggle for Byran to get to a gym to work on his balance and journey of building muscle and himself up. The storms where Bryan lives are pretty severe and very hard for him to get back and forth to the gym.

So without hesitation UR Superior Fitness put a stop to that! UR Superior Fitness sent out a Superior Exercise Ball with Resistance Bands to Bryan immediately to bring the gym home to him.

“The inspiration that Bryan gave me through our talks cannot even be measured. The heart, drive and determination this Gentleman brings to the table is nothing less than perfected dedication.” Byron said.

Look at Bryan now, after the Dr.’s told him he would never walk again. He is up moving and proving the Dr.’s wrong. Bryan didn’t sit in a pity party one bit. As a matter of fact he did quite the opposite. He set a goal, made a plan and took action and began his lifelong journey.

Folk’s can read more about Bryan Childress journey here. ” I hope this inspires you like it did me and the Superior team. Make time for yourself and don’t take anything for granted. Even as a simple walk down the street to get the heart rate up and the gratitude of being able to do that, Byron said.”

The President of UR Superior Fitness Brian Linton shared. “This is what we all stand for here on the Superior Team and the reason we do what we do.” Its all about Inspiration, being you but better, never giving up on yourself and Giving back.”

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